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Meet the Sprouses of Rural Retreat

In 2010, our son Colby, was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of 8. We were rushed to UVA hospital where he underwent brain surgery a week later and my wife and i slept in chairs in his room for almost 3 weeks. At the time neither one of us wanted to leave his side and even think about staying at a hospitality house but both of us were struggling with some much needed rest. Several months later Colby was accepted to St Jude Children’s Hospital in Memphis Tennessee. When arriving to St Jude we got him registered and then we were directed to at that time the Grizzly House which was helped funded by the NBA Memphis Grizzlies. It was so nice to know when we traveled to St Jude we didn’t have to worry about where we were going to stay and we were there for 3-5 days every 3 months for the first couple of years. We are 10 years in now and still travel to St Jude for brain scans on his tumor once a year

and still stay at the hospitality house once called the Grizzly House now called Tri Delta Place. It is such a blessing to have these great facilities to be able to be close to your family member in their time of struggle and the stress off of you knowing you are minutes away and not hours.

THIS IS WHY! We would love to have some folks from SWVA join us in our mission to bring a hospitality house to the Roanoke Valley. 

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